Dry Fog Dust Supression System

CONVMCH is offering The Dry Fog Dust Control system as a cost effective alternative to The Bag house system, in the material handling plants. Some of the salient features and advantages of the CONVMECH Dry Fog Dust Control system are as follows:
  • Low capital & Operation and Maintenance cost as compared to The De-Dusting Bag House System
  • Since particulate knockdown is achieved in situ, there is no need for long duct runs to convey the dust to a central collection point
  • There is no secondary dust disposal problem
  • Easy installation in the existing plants
  • In most cases, the system can be installed in operating plants.
  • The “DRY FOG” system takes less space and can be installed in the plants where there is no space for installation of Bag House de-dusting system.
  • No major plant modifications are required for installation of the system.
  • Water addition to this process is as low as 0.1% of the weight of the material being handled. 
  • Aluminum Industry – Pot room area, anode paste plants, Bauxite handling systems etc.
  • No requirement of Chemicals.


  • Blast Furnace
  • Ceramic plant
  • Crushing & screening plant
  • Coke / Coal Handling plant
  • Cement plant
  • Fertilizer plant
  • Foundries
  • Hopper loading
  • Lime stone handling plant
  • Ore handling plant
  • Rock Crushing plant
  • Other Specialized system on Request
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