Flap Gate

Two Way Flap Gates

Are used extensively in the bulk material processing industry to direct the flow of material to various processing circuits, regulate the amount of flow to various circuits.
They can be as basic as a tow way to triple feeding way flap with a manual lever to Change flap position from one side to the other, or they can be fully automated devices capable of proportioning flow from one or more sources to a large number of destinations.
Tow way flap gates can be designs depending on the characteristics of the material being handled. A simple tow way flap is applicable for most materials.


  • To direct material from a receiving source, such as a belt, pneumatic or other type of conveyor, to two or more process lines.
  • To maximize the capacity of process plants with multiple parallel process circuits, tow way flap gates are used to balance the feed to each circuit OR either or circuits.
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