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Review Supplier / Vendors Documents & Drawings

Review of Vendor Documents
Ensure that all disciplines which are required to review the documents have initials the documents after review.
Each responsible engineer shall familiarize himself with the requirements of all appendices to ensure that all documents are routed to the correct departments.
The vendors shall be advised of any changes by prompt reissue of the Company requisition, specifications and/or drawings.
For important changes, the vendor shall be advised immediately by telex.
Withholding essential design changes from the vendor in the expectation that their documents will soon be available for mark-up, could cause an adverse effect on quality.

Technical review of vendor documents shall ensure that:

  • The vendor design is adequate for its purpose and complies with the latest issue of the Company requisition and the latest issue of the applicable Company documents and authority requirements mentioned therein;
  • All information which Company requires to complete the work is given (including information required by disciplines not included in the routing);
  • Instructions for erection, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance cover the requirements as set out for these documents and are reviewed by the Specialist Engineer.
  • Changes or corrections shall be clearly marked up with constructive comments to ensure that both the vendor and Company can proceed with their work on a sound basis.
  • All comments on the vendor’s documents shall be identifiable, in relation to the engineer who commented by means of signature or category code and if necessary, additional comments may be made on separate sheets, equally identifiable and safely secured by staples to the vendor’s documents to which they relate.

01 Purpose And Scope

The purpose of this document is to provide a general guide for the engineers and design personnel involved in the review of vendor or manufacturer’s drawings (referred also as vendor prints) submitted for equipment, components, materials and structures associated with the design and construction of manufacturing and large industrial facilities. This document addresses only the technical aspects of the review. Procedural aspects addressing the implementation of these activities are contained in the project Manual of Procedure.

02 Responsibilities

Responsibility for the review and handling of vendor prints belongs to the SupervisingDiscipline Engineer (SDE) of the discipline initiating the purchase order or contract. The SDE may delegate a responsible engineer and the Design Supervisor (or his delegate) to perform the activities associated with the detailed review.
Verification that the functional, Code and Regulatory requirements contained in the associated specification have been correctly incorporated is the responsibility of the responsible engineer.
The Design Supervisor (or his delegate) has the responsibility for the adequacy of the physical aspects, the QA and drawing quality aspects, and the maintainability aspects (which must meet with the concurrence of the SDE) of the design.

03 Guidelines

A. General The extent of the technical information to be reviewed in a specific vendor print may vary substantially depending upon the type of package under consideration, i.e.,standard component drawing, pipe spool sheets, integrated systems drawings, etc.
Although general guidelines which apply to most of the vendor prints are providedbelow, it may be necessary to identify which specific items are to be reviewed for a particular package, vendor, etc. It is recommended that the responsible engineer and the Design Supervisor assess the required effort for each package as soon as it is received. The responsible engineer and the Design Supervisor should keep in mind that checking should not extend into the details of the manufacturer’s design. The Vendor is responsible for all manufacturing details of the equipment he is furnishing. Thus detailed dimensions and other information placed on the drawing for manufacturing use should be disregarded
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